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Seminar Hall
The College provides a seminar hall with adequate demonstration equipment and audio – visual aids. Frequent seminars, symposiums, confrencess and workshops. help the students to explore their communication skills and prepare them for proper presentation.

To provide refreshment to students the College has a Canteen in the premises. In the Canteen perfect hygiene is maintained and fresh snaks are surved.

Banking Service

A branch of the Bank of Maharashtra is in the campus for to facilitate any transactions required by the teachers and students.

Staff Room

The College provides a comfortable Staff Room for teachers.

Girls Common Room

The College provides a Girls Common Room with a separate toilet and necessary facilities.


Within the past 58 years the College has constructed a useful Library with about 50,000 books. Approximately Rs. 26 Lakhs have been invested in the construction of the Library. A sum of Rs. 25,000 is spent on periodicals and magazines annually. It is well equipped with books not only of Commerce, Economics and Management but also other subjects.

Books written by Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Jamna Lal Bajaj and Dada Dharmadhikari are available in the Library which makes reading a delight. The Library also contains books on these great men written by various authors that give us an insight into the real India of yore. Religious books of all religions, books on Gandhian thought and philsophy make the Library perfect for meeting the requirements of all round personality development.

Reading Room

We have a reading room for reference and study.separate reading room facility for girls student. It has a good collection of books, not only related to specific subjects but also journals and magazines to keep our students continually updated about the world around them.


The College has two special computer laboratories:

The Yashwant Shankar Dharmadikari Laboratory 1

The Yashwant Shankar Dharmadikari Laboratory 2

These laboratories have computers of the latest technology. They also provide students with the latest software, highly trained teaching and non-teaching staff. Guest Lectures, Seminars and Educational tours are conducted yearly by the Department.

The Yashwant Shankar Dharmadikari Laboratory 1 provides students with free internet facility. Hardware and software trainings are provided to the students regularly.


A Grievance Redressal Cell has been formed in College to look into the problems faced by the students. Solutions to the problems are given immediately.


As per University rules ragging is a punishable offence and a cell has been specially formed to control ragging. The College has successfully curbed ragging.