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Message for Students

Welcome to the pioneer institute for commerce in Jabalpur. Instituted with the mission of providing quality education, G. S. College of commerce and Economics made a humble beginning in the year 1948. Over the years as the college widened its presence across the state of Madhya Pradesh, it remains the first choice of students pursuing their degrees in the field of commerce.

At the G. S. College we encourage the curiosity in our students through a balanced and holistic approach towards education and training. We provide diverse learning opportunities and prepare our students for unseen challenges in a dynamic and multi faceted environment.

The G. S. College aims at the excellence, environment conservation, peace and value based education and community integration.
The college provides the students wide exposure through participation in various college activities and programs. Providing fruitful opportunities for learning and overall personality development.

The Acedemic Model has five focus areas

  1. Learning
  2. Personality Development
  3. Sports Excellence
  4. Creativity Development
  5. Leadership and entrepreneurship development