Pre Ph.D. Course Work

Research Center

Our College is recognized as a Research Center by R.D.V.V. Jabalpur. We are conducting Pre Ph.D. coursework for the Dept. of Commerce and the Dept. of Applied Economics and Business Administration under the faculty of Commerce.
Research Work is playing a significant role in the field of national development our moto is very clear that Research Work must be based on macro studies on the social research topics and the outcome of research should be useful for social and economical progress of our country as well as global economy. Research Work creates positive environment for innovations and entrepreneurship in our country.
To facilitate study under the research center, an extensive library and a modern updated Computers Laboratory is provided. Methodology and techniques of report writing are taught by subject experts. Well organised research papers and study materials is also provided to the research scholars. All this encourages an atmosphere of deep and analytical study for research work.